Assess Your Website and Social Media Presence

Have an assessment of your website and social media footprint to determine what your digital footprint says about you and your business. What first impression are you making?

  • Consultation 1:  45 minute meeting to discuss your needs, your products/services, your expectations and to establish your potential target market.  (Excluded in the FREE assessment)
  • Consultation 2:  45 minute meeting once I’ve prepared the document to take you through my findings and discuss what I recommend and why and include any additional changes.  (Excluded in the FREE assessment)

Website Assessment

  • Do a basic SEO check to make sure the basics are implemented based on Google’s recommendations.
  • Recommend suggestions and recommendations to improve the SEO on your website.
  • Content check to see whether what you are communicating on your website speaks to your target market.
  • Product/services page checks.
  • Recommendations and ideas for improvement.

Social Media Assessment

  • Assessment and evaluation of your online presence.  What does your digital footprint say about you online?
  • Social media profiles and biographies assessment.
  • Recommendations and ideas for improvement.

What you get in your assessment document

  • Overview of your goals and expectations.
  • A list of your potential target market and where you can find them.
  • A list of your trigger/keywords best suited to you.
  • The assessment results of your website.
  • The assessment results of your social media presence.



Your Online Presence Assessment

Get an assessment of your website and social media presence to give you pointers on what you can do to improve your visibility.

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