Online marketing strategy tip for developing your brand online

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   Part of your online marketing strategy should be to find opportunities that will put you in front of the eyes of your customer whilst building your brand online.  Part of your online marketing plan is spend time networking online.  Unlike real world networking where you attend an event, drink coffee and meet other people with like minded intentions, … Read More

Covid-19 forcing businesses to rethink the way we do business

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Covid-19 has turned the world upside down.  Will we evolve and re-assess the systems we are using to improve our lives and the environment going forward? Many businesses will close shop whilst others will find innovative ways in which to offer new products or services factoring in new regulations and discontinuing draconian methods of business. A fundamental schism has recently … Read More

Social media and your brand image

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online abuse

“You racist bastard,” “Dumb ass think before you say something you monkey,” “Your lame ass retorts are weak”, “You’re pmsing pretty bad aye? Shove that tampon up a little too far did you?”  “Wow, holy shit , That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve read this week; congratulations, ignorant twat!” “Fuck right off with your bullshit you dick.” As an online presence … Read More

Why don’t you blog for your business?

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I asked this question “Why don’t you write blogs or articles?”  in our online business community and especially liked this response from Lynn Rippenaar-Moses from Wrap It Up PR and Communication which has inspired me to share my thoughts. “Personally I’m not always sure about the kinds of topics I should address in my field or whether I would be adding … Read More