Why you need to hire an assistant, a marketer and a PR person in your team – part 1

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While watching the end of a movie the other night and watching the credits role up the screen; director, producer, cameraman, sound producer, sound editor, etc. I sat there thinking that it took a group of specialists in their chosen field to come together to produce the final result of a good movie. Why is it then, that as a business start-up … Read More

New to Twitter and not sure what to do next?

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Twitter is one of those social networking tools that has the potential to drive traffic to your website.  It is a platform that easily connects you to people on a global scale.  In the past Twitter generated loads of business for me, it landed me the opportunity to host my own radio talk show, which I no longer do by choice. … Read More

Why should you comment on blogs

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Before social media came along a strategy professional bloggers would use was to comment on other blog sites because it was a way of generating more exposure and it creates a link  which would point back to your blog site.   This is not the same as posting a comment in social networks, no, this is posting a comment on blog … Read More

4 Key questions to ask before hiring a web developer

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Someone I met recently had a dreadful experience with the company they hired to design their website. Sadly, this person I met is not alone. The thing is unless you know what to look out for you can easily sign up to something that does not serve your purpose and may result in a website you are not happy with. Generally what happens after that is you go and find someone else having to spend even more money and in a lot of instances having to start all over and you might not be happy with that result either.
Here are 4 key questions you MUST ask when you are looking at hiring a web developer to develop your website: