Social media and your brand image

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online abuse

“You racist bastard,” “Dumb ass think before you say something you monkey,” “Your lame ass retorts are weak”, “You’re pmsing pretty bad aye? Shove that tampon up a little too far did you?”  “Wow, holy shit , That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve read this week; congratulations, ignorant twat!” “Fuck right off with your bullshit you dick.” As an online presence … Read More

Are you a time bomb waiting to explode?

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human time bomb

It is evidently clear at a conscious level that people around the globe in this point in time are being pushed to the extreme and pushed to their ultimate limits. We are like a time bomb waiting to EXPLODE because of a society WE created that no longer serves us and now we need to find new ways of doing things so that it reconnects us to our families, each other to our communities, to animals and that makes us better citizens of the earth.

However, because we are so consumed having to deal with daily challenges of work pressure and paying the bills. Millions of people are walking around frustrated, unhappy, hurt, broken, depressed, angry, and exhausted and sitting with many unresolved issues and baggage they are not dealing with. This results in arguments, fights, ugliness and complete mis-understandings, amongst one another because many of us still have to come to a place of understanding and tolerance of what’s really going on.

Brand Impact: Words that no longer make an impression

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I read this article Stop using these 16 words to describe yourself which included words like, innovative, motivated, unique. The first thought that popped into my head was “what’s left?”  the second thought that popped into my head was, “but that’s what we’ve been told to use”. Are these words “has been words, used too often by too many people?” … Read More