A costly mistake to avoid when marketing your business online

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how you present yourself

A costly mistake you can avoid when starting your business that will determine the number of leads you generate and the quality of the leads your business will attract. When starting your business cash flow is extremely limited and so we think we can save money by doing our own websites and doing our own marketing because we think that what we are doing is good enough to get the sales we need but it is the furthest from the truth.

6 Ways to improve your ranking and visibility to generate leads

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Since the inception of social media we’ve seen a huge change in how people use the internet. On average every second 8 new people are signing up to get onto the internet. Daily more and more people are finding it easier just to connect online to save time. Giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google Plus, LinkedIn are constantly evolving – and to keep up we need to adapt to these changes.

As a Social Media Manager, and with considerable experience in the virtual world, I recommend 6 tips to improve your ranking and visibility in 2014.

Your social networking profile, A missed opportunity

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When someone sends me a friend request and I don’t know them personally I would immediately visit their profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to find out more about this person. What I discover quite often is a lot of very important missing information. A missed opportunity to promote your business.

If you are not taking your online presence seriously, if you are not taking your brand seriously then how do you expect sponsors, brand builders, and investors to take you seriously and invest in you?

Time saving tips to manage your social media

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A common  experience people have currently, is not having enough time!   Business owners, coaches and consultants make excuses as to why they can’t be active or even look at using social media to market their business.  It seems that while technology is meant to make our lives easier it has just gone and made things all complicated because it … Read More