Social media and your brand image

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online abuse

“You racist bastard,” “Dumb ass think before you say something you monkey,” “Your lame ass retorts are weak”, “You’re pmsing pretty bad aye? Shove that tampon up a little too far did you?”  “Wow, holy shit , That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve read this week; congratulations, ignorant twat!” “Fuck right off with your bullshit you dick.” As an online presence … Read More

Facebook at it again! The likes on your fan page are useless!

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Joanna Engelbrecht of Xparteez shared an article with our online community and it inspired me to write this article.    I have to wonder what’s going on in Mark Zukerberg’s head.   Facebook made a few changes not so long ago.  It’s beginning to feel like everytime you  look away Facebook has another surprise up their sleeve for you. Facebook officially kills … Read More

Social media, reading between the lines

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Leaning more to having an  introverted personality type,  I pretty much live in the virtual world most of the time. The internet is a very real virtual world where people buy and sell and connect without meeting in person. I love reading comments on social media sites because they reveal so much about the way people interpret statements, opinions and content … Read More