Romany Thresher


Romany Thresher
Online digital asset manager and consultant

Romany Thresher is a thinker, analyst and philosopher by nature. Romany’s experience has been mainly in PR, online brand marketing, social media, online training, web design and the internet.

Romany’s role as project manager and coordinator and trainer is to provide you with the information or services you need to help you make sense of the online world.  Romany can help you and your business use the best resources you need to help you reduce costs, increase profits and improve on customer service delivery. Ultimately working smarter and not harder.

Romany sees life and events in a series of patterns like puzzle pieces which gives her the skills to develop actionable working strategies, action plans and processes you can implement. Romany’s intuition allows her the ability to tap into what makes you unique and to help you uncover your niche area of focus. Romany can help you develop a brand identity online.

Romany encourages you to take healthy, positive and constructive risks that will save you time and money. She listens and understands to gain  a deeper insight,  to see the big picture and look at things from different perspectives uncovering hidden challenges, hidden ideas, hidden talents or even self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your brand and living life on your own terms.

Romany firmly believes in honest and open communication, this is the only way to resolve conflicts.  All her work is guaranteed and she will always do her utmost to deliver on what she promises.

Why Romany Thresher

Romany’s career to date has predominantly been in the casino industry. This is where she gained extensive knowledge in customer services, PR and marketing. PR is about being the host and taking care of your guests.   Engaging with them, making sure they are looked after and given everything they need.  In the casino industry Romany was responsible for observing people’s behaviour. Responsible for managing people and dealing with unhappy customers.  Romany trained staff to deal various games and also spent time developing marketing campaigns.  After 12 years Romany left the casino industry and worked in the corporate arena as an Executive assistant, managing other people’s lives, organizing events, creating visual presentations for executive board meetings.

When it comes to marketing, Romany does not use traditional marketing methods to market herself, all her leads comes from using sites like Twitter,  Facebook,  LinkedIn and Google Plus and networking.

Keeping up to date with industry related tools and technologies Romany has a sharp insight when it comes to the internet, social media and the online world. Romany has tried and tested most social media platforms, systems and software and can help you and your business to establish a strong online presence that will help you gain more exposure for your business.