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I prefer sharing my own personal experiences with you because I know exactly what goes on in my head in terms of thought processes and beliefs and it is your beliefs about something that impacts the outcome of any event or situation.   Beliefs is the area I want to focus on in this blog post.

I had an ‘aha’ moment last night on a post I posted in an online business community I run asking if someone could do a hangout with us on sales techniques.

The ‘aha’ moment helped me realise that some of us can be taught all the sales and marketing techniques in the world but if you have certain beliefs that are very real to you, these beliefs can stop you dead in your tracks

You see, generating leads and marketing are not the things that hold me back.  Even selling is no longer a problem for me, I thought it was, but then realised – it’s the closing which can be problematic and goes much deeper as its my beliefs around money that prevents me from getting the sale which I’m still processing.

When I was first confronted with having to sell my services to someone years ago, what I struggled with was the dreaded face-to-face interactions.  When I was confronted with having to see a potential client I would dread the whole experience and so I would not get the sale.    I would walk away feeling like a failure  and waited for the next opportunity hoping it would be better and without digging deeper.  You see, I had a very real fear of people at the time and sometimes still do.  This already placed me at a body language disadvantage as I would be giving off the wrong signals.

I had to find a work around. I had to find a solution until I got to a place where I felt comfortable around people. This is when I discovered the internet and felt instantly at home in the virtual world. I learnt everything I possibly could about online: the tools people used, understanding how the internet worked, web design, SEO and then learning to market and sell online – and still learning every day.

I started my business and made a decision that I was only going to use online to market and sell my services because I could avoid face-to-face and  if I could do it for myself online I could do it for others too. I still apply this rule in my business today.

I now live a lifestyle where my business is online and my personal life is offline and I pretty much live in the virtual world most of the time especially when I’m in the UK.

The internet is a very real virtual world where people buy and sell and connect without meeting in person. For many it is a very comfortable world and for others it is very daunting but if you are someone who struggles with face-to-face communication, online may be the solution for you as it was for me.

For me using social media as a way to market myself online was the starting point of overcoming my fear of people. It helped me to realise my dream which was to work from home and to work when I wanted and how I wanted. I can now work from anywhere in the world as long as I have electricity and an internet connection.  Social media taught me a lot about connecting, building relationships and gave me a lot of insight into people’s needs.

In closing, I firmly believe that sales and marketing and what you believe go hand-in-hand and work together. I did not realize this until I worked with a brilliant NLP sales coach who I met online, that became a client and then helped me overcome some of my fears of selling. It was then I learnt how knowledge can empower you and boost your confidence.  Learning sales techniques made me stronger and feel more in control.

However, you can have all the knowledge and techniques in the world but if you are sitting with rooted beliefs about yourself and others and even the internet it will have an impact on the results you’d like to achieve and the life you’d like to have for yourself.

The fears and beliefs you have are very real and can often stop you dead in your tracks.  It does not need to be this way.

Nothing is more powerful than the support of others who understand. Surround yourself with people who see the potential in you. Surround yourself with people who do personal development work and people who share common goals and values. When something doesn’t go quite as you planned, instead of viewing it as a failure and moving on, establish any beliefs you may hold about the event, situation or the person.  It is that underlying uncomfortable feeling you have that gives you the signal to analyze.  When you spot the gremlin, acknowledge it  and work towards the solution on overcoming that belief you created.

I help clients overcome their fears by working with them in a supportive online environment to help them market their businesses online. I walk you through that process and help you to overcome that fear and frustration.

If you would like to chat with me about marketing your business online and how to best use it to your advantage you can book a consultation with me or if you are looking for a save online environment where you feel supported, connect with us on Facebook in our online business community group.

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