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The way the world works most of the time does not make sense to me.  At school we learn things that has no relevance to our future and not only that many of us were never taught or encouraged to explore our talents and what we came to do here on earth.  Our education system encourages people to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, personal assistants, administrators and leaves out an entire group of people who are just not wired to want to do any of those professions.  I am one of them.

To be frank I did not know what I wanted to do when I grew up.  Women in my day were told to have different goals.  The goal was to get married and have children and our career choices were limited to what we were allowed to do.

When I left school I struggled to find work, nothing appealed to me.  I remember working in an office for two days and left.  The boredom of sitting all day waiting for the phone to ring was too much,  I couldn’t stomach it!   It was dreadful so I found other alternatives. I waitressed and then worked in the casino industry. In the casino industry I worked as a croupier, PR and Marketing manager and also trained staff.   It was here that I found my excitement for PR and marketing as it thrilled me to create flyers and create adverts and put together casino promotional events. When I was offered the opportunity to train staff how to deal Black Jack, Roulette, Poker  and how to deal with customers, I would come alive with excitement.  I worked in the casino industry for 12 years but it wasn’t suited to my personality type, the result of course is that I excelled in my work but wasn’t necessarily the nicest person to work with or be around.  I did learn extremely useful skills in the casino industry that benefits my work today which is an advantage.

Without knowledge and guidance from a higher source you can end up living in this world not being fulfilled working in a job you hate.  I certainly did more than once.  It was only when I started working for myself did I discover what it is that mattered to me.  What I excel at and what my strengths and weaknesses are.

There’s an entire world full of talented people who are not using their talents because they believe, “its a waste of time” “I’m not good enough” or “you can’t make money from…” Most creatives feel reluctant to charge their worth because we’ve been taught “what you do has no value” and then on the opposite side of the scale people don’t want to pay creatives because there is this perception that “it will just take you 5 mins” At school we are taught that being intuitive, artistic, creative of any kind has no value because it isn’t encouraged.  In fact in my day they tried to force us to think like robots.

Is it possible you have talents you’ve forgotten about?

I did! By the time I left school I was all prepped and ready for two outcomes. One, that I must go find a husband get married and have children. Two, get an admin, secretarial or jobs women were allowed to do.

All my career assessments at school all indicated I should work in Psychology, PR, marketing or teaching. I wasn’t keen on being a school teacher.  Training staff in companies had not occurred to me as I did not know something like that existed.  I could  not follow any of my possible career paths, I didn’t have the required subjects suitable for college or university.

People throughout my life complimented me for the way I’d help them make sense of things in their lives and help them see their own potential.  People would compliment me for having great ideas and for being so knowledgeable.  I’d make start ups look good because their success mattered to me.  When I taught others they would have  “aha” moments saying that I explain things in such a way that it’s so easy to understand.  I had staff from the casino industry bump into me thanking me for having taught them because they got a promotion or a good money offer.  Yet it never dawned on me that I should focus on being a mentor and teacher.

Reflecting on my life, I naturally gravitated towards marketing, PR and teaching.  This tells me that even if you go off track, God will make sure you get back on track through the many choices you are presented in life.

While reading How to find a great mentor and Are you the go-to-expert one morning,  the penny dropped, I needed to reposition myself and Own My Space and step into what comes to me naturally which is being a mentor and a teacher to others specialising in online brand development, online marketing and social media.  Why? Because my clients constantly tell me how good I am at it and besides it drives me.  I could do it all day and every day.

Now the question is if your business is not doing as well as it should or maybe you are feeling stuck.  Maybe you are wanting to start a business and not sure what to do or perhaps you’ve just left school and preparing yourself for your future.

What can you do to ensure that you live the life you want and love what you do?  Do you have any special dormant talents you are unaware of? What can you turn into digital products with your talents?  How can you use your talents to improve on existing services?

Writing for example is one of those skills that many have but don’t think they can do it because they don’t have that piece of paper that says I’m a copywriter and yet can create magic with words.  Perhaps you are like a client of mines mother who is a natural organiser and is a master of it and yet she does not think she has this talent and because she does not have that piece of paper to label her she does not think she is good enough to do it.  Another example are those who just love being on stage and acting.  Have you thought of creating videos?

What talents are lying dormant within that are a part of your brand identity that is waiting to come out?    How can you use these talents to serve your clients and let others know you exist?


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