A very good reason why blogging is a powerful tool to market your business online

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Why blog for business?  A good question was posted in our online business community,  a question I’ve often asked myself in fact. For the most part I know that a number of my readers are people in the same industry as me. I also know that my friends in business are all so busy that by the time they want to read things they are too tired and while they know that they need to market their businesses online its not a passion of theirs and so its easier to get sidetracked.

Here’s the question posted by Sandra Roy de Greef of Optic Blaze a web development business.

“I was reading Romany’s questionnaire about why we don’t blog. I was thinking about the whole blogging industry. If I had to start writing blogs about Design | Print | Web | Signage, what would you want to know about my industry. I could, for example, tell you the difference between digital & litho printing… but would you care HOW I got your job done? Don’t people just want to know that you can do the best possible job, with the best service and at a reasonable price.”

This was my response rewritten here:

There are a number of people who do extensive research before they use a product or service. They will want to know how it works. They will want to know the features it offers and compare it with other products or services. They will want to know what people are saying about the product or service.

Take my hubby fore example:  If he wants to buy something he will read reviews, watch videos about the product and its features. He will read articles about the product and only then decide to make a purchase. If he is looking to use someone’s services he will visit various websites. Read testimonials, do some research, read their articles, watch their videos, makes me watch their videos (ha, ha) and he will make a short list and contact those he felt were suitable.  Now if you are not publishing articles that will help him determine that you are experienced in what you do or the best in the business, then you’ve lost out on potential business.

I wish more people were like him because he seldom buys a bad purchase. Most of what he buys he can resell at value or use in some way. If people took the time to do their research and to gain a deeper understanding of some of the services or products they use, they would waste less money on products or services that don’t deliver what they promise to do.

After my comment, Sandra came back to me with her response and I could just picture it.

“That’s a good point Romany.

Shaun is the same and at times it drives me crazy. For us to buy any new equipment takes forever. TV, Sound equipment, laptop etc.

Shaun reads up on all the spec’s, we go to alllll the shops, speak to allll the sales rep’s etc. By the time we make the purchase, I am already tired of it and the excitement has worn off. BUT, we do sit with the best!”

That’s just it, most of us want to know who to go to and we look to each other for direction. I spend an enormous amount of time researching many differing things on all sorts of topics to expand my knowledge.

Think of blogging as an investment in your business.  It’s a tool that helps you to market yourself online.  Once written and published it exists 24/7.  It can be shared by anyone.  It’s online forever and you can use it over and over again.  Now that is what I call cost effective .  Both a time and money saver.

Tell us about your buying habits? What do you do?

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