Why don’t you blog for your business?

I asked this question “Why don’t you write blogs or articles?”  in our online business community and especially liked this response from Lynn Rippenaar-Moses from Wrap It Up PR and Communication which has inspired me to share my thoughts. “Personally I’m not always sure about the kinds of topics I should address in my field or whether I would be adding …


Load shedding creates opportunity for South Africans

I love South Africa it’s my home.  While everyone is trying to get out, I am the one trying to get back in.   However, over time I found myself beginning to sit on the fence and not sure what to do but for the most part I’ve made up my mind that even with all the struggles its my …


Facebook at it again! The likes on your fan page are useless!

Joanna Engelbrecht of Xparteez shared an article with our online community and it inspired me to write this article.    I have to wonder what’s going on in Mark Zukerberg’s head.   Facebook made a few changes not so long ago.  It’s beginning to feel like everytime you  look away Facebook has another surprise up their sleeve for you. Facebook officially kills …


Social media, reading between the lines

Leaning more to having an  introverted personality type,  I pretty much live in the virtual world most of the time. The internet is a very real virtual world where people buy and sell and connect without meeting in person. I love reading comments on social media sites because they reveal so much about the way people interpret statements, opinions and content …


Is social media worth the time and effort going forward?

Don’t be too quick to write off social media as a waste of time . The real value of social media cannot be measured in monetary terms but has enormous emotional and connective value and over time will increase your ROI tenfold if you know how to listen and read between the lines.

What’s stopping you?

Some of us can be taught all the sales and marketing techniques in the world but if you have certain beliefs that are very real to you, these beliefs can stop you dead in your tracks.