Carol Gerber

Why Carol Gerber?

Each week I plan to write something about one of my customers or someone I’m in business with or someone who has added so much value in my life.  This week I want to tell you about Carol Gerber.

Carol Gerber Life and Business Coach  My motivator, confidence booster and all round kick ass supporter.   Carol just knows how to explain things in such a way that is easy to understand.  Carol is really good at giving you direction and can be your life coach, business coach or career coach.

Carol just knows how to make you feel good. She also has this way of putting you in your place and doing it so you don’t feel like the worst person on the planet. Be warned though, Carol is very direct and does not mince with words so if you are looking for the honest truth she is going to tell you like it is, nothing less, nothing more.

I just love that quality in a person, why because you can go to Carol and ask her opinion on something and she will give you her honest opinion.  If you walked out the door looking like a clown and that was not your intention, Carol will tell you so.  Now can you see why I say she is my motivater and confidence booster?  You know that if she tells you, you are good at something, then you can believe you are and that’s a good thing especially for those who are extremely hard on themselves and I’m one of those.  I will beat myself up for days or weeks if I make a mistake,  fail at something or let someone down and this is where Carol guides me into realising that mistakes happen and that is how we learn.  Then Carol reminds you just how good you are at what you do. Because Carol is so blunt and truthful she helped me realise just how much value I give to others and to appreciate my true worth.

Carol had asked me to build her website but instead I awakened her brand essence which changed her business forever.  She started attracting more customers and people just connected with her.  I never did build Carol’s website as she decided to do it herself but that’s all good.  I asked Carol’s advice on trying to figure out what my core talent was, I had an idea but could not quite put it into words.   She helped me to realise just how much I make businesses come alive because I have a gift of being able to tap into what makes you different and which customers you are meant to be providing services to and how to connect with them especially in the online space.  Carol also helped me to realise how good I was at explaining things to others that is so easy to understand and that  everything I do is extremely good value because of how I immerse myself into my customers business and literally see myself as part of their team. So if you think I’m expensive, that’s all Carol’s fault, but now I know I’m worth it and it has given me more freedom and I’m no longer a slave to those who want cheap deals.

Carol helped me to own my space. Thank you Carol I’ve never had positive results with coaches but you’ve make me see coaching in a whole different light.

Carol there is no BS with you. You tell it like it is.
To connect with Carol her website is follow her on Twitter at CarolGerberRDC and yes, like her fan page at

Do you know Carol, tell us how she has changed your life?

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Romany Thresher

Online Presence Brand Strategist
Romany Thresher is a strategic thinker and natural connector with a talent for identifying opportunities for your business or venture. Organising, and overseeing your online digital systems and processes for your webinars and virtual events.  Website set up, email communications,  social media marketing and set up registration and feedback processes.  Ensuring that you collect the necessary information to help you obtain a better understanding of your customer’s expectations. Romany adds value to your business always being on the lookout for new opportunities to connect like-minded individuals who can add value to each other for a mutual benefit. Assisting you in online networking, lead generation, and giving you ideas and strategies to develop relationships with key stakeholders, sponsors, partners, and suppliers in your industry.  Working in the background so you don’t have to.  What do you need to implement and upgrade in your life and in your business and who do you need to align yourself with so that you and those you work with and collaborate with can make a positive impact in your collective environments and communities?  Let’s find out!

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