4 Key questions to ask before hiring a web developer

Someone I met recently had a dreadful experience with the company they hired to design their website. Sadly, this person I met is not alone. The thing is unless you know what to look out for you can easily sign up to something that does not serve your purpose and may result in a website you are not happy with. Generally what happens after that is you go and find someone else having to spend even more money and in a lot of instances having to start all over and you might not be happy with that result either.
Here are 4 key questions you MUST ask when you are looking at hiring a web developer to develop your website:

The Daily Round

I do like this homemade website

A friend of mine who has been helping me out for extra money inboxed me to say that she has designed her little website for her care work.  Now I know this person personally, as I said she is a friend and one of the things she is not is a computer whizz she says shes not but secretly I …

Content Marketing

Who is your website content aimed at, you or your customer?

Depending on who we are speaking to as people many of us will adapt or mirror the people we  are speaking to.  You would use a formal tone in a meeting and a relaxed tone with friends.  You would use industry jargon around your colleagues and use different words with your clients because they may not know words used in …

10 Good reasons to use WordPress for your website platform

The internet is one of those things that is constantly evolving and changing This will inevitably have an impact on the functionality of your website in the long term. When it comes to having your website designed it is no longer a one off exercise where you pay someone to build you a website and then it sits on the …