Coke Cola going boldly forth where others fear to tread!

How transparent is your business?  Do you have what it takes to step out of your comfort zone?  Are you willing to take the risk?

Can you openly talk about the mistakes you’ve made in your business. The lessons you’ve learnt or are you still stuck in old school methods where everything must be all bright,  shiny and sparkly.

The trend for the last few years has been that consumers want the truth.  People are tired of the snake oil sales pitches which advertisers try and constantly sell to the public.  Coke Cola is listed as the number one brand in the world has taken that step in transparency, or have they really?

Will it reduce their sales?  Quite frankly I don’t think it will.  What this does is tell people the truth about Coke and it has given the customer the power to choose whether to continue drinking Coke or not.  Kudos to Coke Cola if they did have  the guts and balls to come out with this ad.

Sadly, there is still too much bullshit out there. I look forward to seeing a lot more honesty coming out in the near future from businesses in general.

I had to laugh at myself for having believed the first ad below that Coke would publish such an ad but on the positive side it does make us realise that maybe it is time to be  more truthful about things.  Owning and being in business is not always a bed full of roses and does have many challenges.  We are not always perfect.

BBC News Take on the Ad


Here is the real advert by Coke Cola


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