Why should you comment on blogs

Before social media came along a strategy professional bloggers would use was to comment on other blog sites because it was a way of generating more exposure and it creates a link  which would point back to your blog site.   This is not the same as posting a comment in social networks, no, this is posting a comment on blog sites you find on the internet.    When I do blog training with clients one of the tasks they need to do is to comment on blog posts.  The biggest reason for this is to help my clients to develop their creative writing skills.  The more you comment, the better you become at writing plus while you are doing this you are creating more exposure for yourself and your website or shop window which promotes your business.

When you post a comment on a blog you find interesting, avoid saying “this is a great blog” or something along those lines.  What you want to do is offer your opinion or offer something of value.  You want to demonstrate your expertise.  It is also ok to disagree and share your own opinion as long as you are not rude but rather sharing your view point.  This will make you more credible and more valued to the blogger and their audience.

The benefit of taking the time to post comments on blogs sites are:

  • Posting a comment gets you noticed by other readers and the blog author.
  • It creates a link to your name and points back to your website.
  • Sparks more blogging ideas for you.
  • Your comments can build a relationship with the author of the site which in return can drive traffic to your website.
  • You are demonstrating your expertise to an audience who reads comments and visitors will take notice of you if you have something worthwhile to contribute.

But before you jump in and go commenting on blogs you want to make sure that you have your brand represented in a way that gets you recognised and noticed.


How do you get your avatar to display on comments you post.

It is simple really, go to www.gravatar.com and sign up, add your profile information and you are ready to go.  Everytime you post a comment on a blog site your avatar will appear alongside your comment.

How to add avatars from a blogging platform such as Word Press.

You can add the Gravatar plugin for Word Press and you can add a plugin called Add Local Avatar This plugin allows your visitor to add their avatar to your site, this is useful especially if they are not familiar with Gravatar.

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