How to link your Facebook fan page to Twitter

Many people link their Twitter accounts to their Facebook fan page and I would not recommend you do this because Twitter is a live news stream and requires a lot more tweets than your fan page.  Linking your Twitter to your fan page will eventually annoy people especially if you are updating your Twitter every hour.

However, what you can do is link your Facebook fan page to your Twitter account because you are most likely only going to be updating your fan page once or twice a day.

Here are two reasons why you may want to link your Facebook fan page to your Twitter account:

  • Twitter limits us to only 140 characters and sometimes you just have that something extra to say.
  • You can gain more fans on your Facebook fan page.

Here’s how to do it:

Firstly, you need to be logged into your Facebook account.

Then you need to type this into your browser:


Link Facebook to Twitter


You should see the above example on your screen.  Click on “link your pages to Twitter” which will redirect your to Twitter’s authorise an application page.  Complete the authorisation and you are done.


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Romany Thresher

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