Load shedding creates opportunity for South Africans

I love South Africa it’s my home.  While everyone is trying to get out, I am the one trying to get back in.   However, over time I found myself beginning to sit on the fence and not sure what to do but for the most part I’ve made up my mind that even with all the struggles its my home.  I’ve always seen South Africa as the land of milk and honey, a magical place like no other on earth.

With the way government is squandering taxpayer’s money and with all the load shedding going on that this is the perfect time to welcome in a new era.  A new way of living and a new way of doing things.  I an opportunity for South African people to rebuild and restructure South Africa in a way that we no longer stay dependent on government and corporations.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of watching how governments around the world spend tax payers money on luxuries and not serving its people.  South Africa is a prime example of a bad governmence whose only defence is blaming the whites and spending taxpayers money like they just hit the jackpot.  Our president is causing absolute meyham and I am gobsmacked at how we put up with it! Eskom is the only product in the world that makes you pay for a service you can’t use. Where does that leave us?  Having to put up with what’s been dished out?  I think not!

This is the perfect time to push back by taking action in an uplifting way.  To implement alternative solutions that  are not dependent on government and corporations that will have a positive long term effect on us and the environment.  Not everyone has the resources but we can certainly begin to take small steps  in the right direction and by starting to understand how “off-grid living” works and what small steps you can take to make the necessary adjustments.

I am a big fan of off-grid living and also a big fan of free and renewable energy.  I’d like to see the world moving away from its dependency on oil and coal which will already be a huge improvement in saving the planet and reducing costs.

Communities around the world are beginning to restructure their communities to be off-grid and to be self-sustainable.  It’s time to put down our pitch forks.  The problem is not with each other but that the problem is our leaders.  The vast amount of money that the ANC has misused could’ve been using towards funding renewable energy solutions.  The money they squandered could’ve been used towards improving hospitals and services as well as salary increases.

I am fed up of bad governing in general, not just in South Africa but worldwide.  Here is a project I think is worth supporting,   Oliver Coull is taking Eskom to court to open up the grid and to give rights for alternative energy solutions to enter South Africa.  Johannesburg, Parkhurt  started the process of going off-grid.  Here is even one better create your own free energy.

It’s time to welcome in a new way of living that benefits all.  Please spread the word so we can all find affordable solutions by reducing our cost of living we can put money back into our pockets.

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Romany Thresher

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