What is the quickest way to navigate to a Google+ community?

question-gplus-communities“The Launchpad has been set up as a Community on Google Plus, right?  If so, what is the quickest way to navigate to a Google+ Community or set it up so that when I go onto Google+ it is there for me to click on.  Similar to how we have it set up on FB?  I’m having trouble finding it each time.”

Thank you for asking Lucy, it helps me a great deal when people ask me questions, that way I’m able to serve you better.  Google Plus sadly is not as user friendly as Facebook in this regard but it has better features.  I guess it is a case of getting used to the system.  The best way to navigate to a community on Google Plus via PC is to do the following:

  • Go to the top left of your screen and click on the HOME button.
  • Then scroll down the list till you see COMMUNITIES, click here and you will see The Launchpad as a community you joined.
  • It should also be visible in your general stream but for me I have too much info in my stream so not always easy to see.
  • Another way to get to communities is that at the top right hand corner you will see  a BELL and if anything was published in the Launchpad or you’ve been tagged in anyway, then it will be visible for you to click.


On your smartphone, you open up the Google Plus app, see screen shot.

  • Go to the top left where you see the GPlus logo click here and a drop down menu will display.
  • Click on communities.
  • Another way to navigate to a Google+ community  is to use the bell at the top right hand corner, see blow where mine says I have 3 notifications.


One thing to note when using your notifications option, is that once you click on the notification you want to read about, once clicked it will disappear from your notifications list which I find most annoying as I like to see what notifications there are, maybe browse one or two and sometimes I like to think about something before posting a comment.

Hope this answers your question?



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