10 Good reasons to use WordPress for your website platform

The internet is one of those things that is constantly evolving and changing This will inevitably have an impact on the functionality of your website in the long term.

When it comes to having your website designed it is no longer a one off exercise where you pay someone to build you a website and then it sits on the internet forever. On the contrary, you will need to update your website regularly to reflect any changes and to keep up with a rapid moving market.  Don’t get me wrong, if your website is working and generating you heaps of conversion traffic then don’t touch it. What I’m referring to here is that as the internet evolves, so should your website. In the same way we buy new cars, new televisions etc., so should we give the same value to our websites and move with the times.

There are various ways in which you can have a website built but one of the most cost effective ways and one that works really well is using a platform called WordPress. Here’s why:

  • WordPress is constantly changing and evolving as the web evolves. It keeps up with the latest changes and developments that happen on the internet.
  • WordPress is an open source platform. This means that there are a large number of web developers who specialise in developing applications and systems to keep WordPress up to date.
  • WordPress developers gives people what they want. In my opinion it seems to monitor the web quite well in terms of what is appealing to people at the time both visually and in usability.
  • WordPress is easy to use for those who are technologically challenged and who do not have coding experience. It has a visual editor which is easy to use. You can draft content in advance and you can schedule your blogs to go out on specific dates.
  • WordPress integrates really well with social networking.  It offers offers so many different ways for your customers to connect with your website and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus and many others.
  • WordPress offers many different options such as forums, contact forms, portfolio styles, shopping carts, affiliate programs, landing pages, video integration, blogging facility, polls, reviews, and the list goes on and on.
  • WordPress offers good SEO (search engine optimisation) out of the box.
  • WordPress has gone through great lengths to make sure it is compliant with W3Schools standard web compliance.
  • WordPress is mobile friendly which is vital going forward.  People sleep with their mobiles, wake up with their mobiles and go everywhere with their mobiles.  I know I do.
  • WordPress integrates well with Google; Google Maps, Google Analytics,  and other Google Tools

There are  millions of people who are using WordPress.

I would highly recommend you have someone who specialises in WordPress to set it up for you initially with the look and feel you want and then keep them on a retainer to assist you in emergencies. Make sure the person specialises in WordPress.


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Romany Thresher

Online Presence Brand Strategist
Romany Thresher is a strategic thinker and natural connector with a talent for identifying opportunities for your business or venture. Organising, and overseeing your online digital systems and processes for your webinars and virtual events.  Website set up, email communications,  social media marketing and set up registration and feedback processes.  Ensuring that you collect the necessary information to help you obtain a better understanding of your customer’s expectations. Romany adds value to your business always being on the lookout for new opportunities to connect like-minded individuals who can add value to each other for a mutual benefit. Assisting you in online networking, lead generation, and giving you ideas and strategies to develop relationships with key stakeholders, sponsors, partners, and suppliers in your industry.  Working in the background so you don’t have to.  What do you need to implement and upgrade in your life and in your business and who do you need to align yourself with so that you and those you work with and collaborate with can make a positive impact in your collective environments and communities?  Let’s find out!

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3 responses to “10 Good reasons to use WordPress for your website platform”

  1. […] Thirdly, developing quality content is still top of the list. Google is continually on the hunt for content that is well-written: entertaining, educational or informative. Websites that keep updating their content will rank higher than a website that has not been updated for a long time. If you cannot update the content of your website yourself then you need to have a word with your web developer and move to a platform that gives you an easy way to do this.  One of the most popular platforms to use is  WordPress. […]

  2. Babis Gakis Avatar

    I agree with many of your points Romany. I am very happy with my WordPress blog and it is getting an amazing amount of traffic and comments after I learnt a few tricks from the gurus I am working with such as syndication, using great tools like Commentluv and working with a great supportive team.

    1. Romany Thresher Avatar

      Thank you Babis for the valuable feedback. It certainly has loads of benefits.