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How your mind is stopping you from achieving your goals

Do you find yourself going round and round in circles?  The same run of the mill stuff, wishing your life could be different.  I have a friend who was stuck in a job she hated, going about life stuck in a rut because she has bills to pay.  She would moan and complain about how awful things were and how bored she was with her life.  She would moan about the long hours she had to work and year after year she would sing the same tune, wishing she could start her own business.  She tried to convince herself she was happy when in fact she wasn’t.  I told her one day, that I never want to hear about her sorrowful job life again and if she wanted she could start her business, she could do it and nothing was stopping her but herself.

I know I’ve been there and in many ways I’m still there in certain aspects of my life.  I use the term “I’m fine” or “It’s fine” when in fact it is not fine!  Don’t get me wrong I love what I do and I love the people in my life!  I’m talking about things like not making the necessary changes I know I need to make  in my life in order to move forward and in order to grow.  A part of me prefers to stick to the familiar because it seems easier and less complicated. It also seems safe but then I have to ask myself is it really?  The other part of me says, “take the leap of faith”  “you can do this and it will be better for you!” But the thought of taking that step is so overwhelming that it leaves me feeling paralised at times.

We all do it! We are too afraid to leave our jobs because its familiar.  We hate change! We are too afraid to make that sales call for fear of rejection.  We are too afraid to take the next important step in our businesses because the thought of growth overwhelms us.  We use work as an excuse not to exercise because it’s a lot more effort to go and exercise than to continue sitting in front of your computer.  We want to lose weight but it is easier to say, “Let me first finish watching this movie, I’ll exercise later”.  We stay in relationships even though we’ve out grown our partners or our friends because it is easier to live in the familiar than to embark on unknown territory and start a new life on our own.  We allow people to treat us the way they do because it is easier to shut up than to start a fight?  So we live with the things that we do not want and for what?  Does it make  us any happier, any safer, any richer, any poorer.  How does it actually serve us?  Can it get any worse if we did take a step forward and stepped outside our comfort zone?

From extensive research about how our mind works and on personal development one thing I’m learning is just how powerful our minds are.   It is a mindset.  What you think about becomes your reality.

This TEDex Talk: “How to stop screwing yourself over”  by Mel Robbins is a much watch talk for anyone who is stuck in a rut, going around in circles, not achieving your goals and who wants to revamp their lives.  I watched this video and ended up buying her book called “Stop Saying You’re Fine!by Mel Robbins.

What I’ve learnt from extensive reading about how our mind works and on personal development one thing I’m learning is just how powerful our minds are.   It is a mindset.  What you think about becomes your reality.

I lost just over 7 kgs in just 2 weeks and not because of crash dieting but because of making simple changes.

If you can’t see this video, please use this link.

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