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Who is your website content aimed at, you or your customer?

Depending on who we are speaking to as people many of us will adapt or mirror the people we  are speaking to.  You would use a formal tone in a meeting and a relaxed tone with friends.  You would use industry jargon around your colleagues and use different words with your clients because they may not know words used in your industry.  The same applies to your website.  The tone, language and the way in which you word things will determine whether or not you will generate leads and it will determine the type of leads you generate.

I want to ask you is this:

  • What message are you communicating on your website?
  • Is the content, the message on your website effective enough to compete with all the other websites?
  • Is it content on your website communicating clearly to the target marketing your are targeting?

If I were selling coaching services and one of the services I offer is career coaching.  Would you say that someone leaving school to start out a new career and someone who has been working for say 10 years speak the same language?  Do you think they have the same outlook on life?  I would not think so.  Would you then agree that these two target markets communicate very differently and would you agree that if you were selling career coaching that you would target each of these markets separately?

In life we judge a book by its cover when we meet someone in the first few seconds.  On the internet we do the exact same thing.  You have 4 seconds to make an impression on your visitor.  They haven’t met you and the only reason they landed at your website is because you promised them an answer to their question by something you said or offered.  If you do not answer their question in those first 4 seconds you’ve lost your visitor.

How do you communicate what you offer effectively on your website.

  • Keep it simple.  Do not complicate your website design.  People want answers not flashy pants.
  • Use the language your customers speak and one of the ways to find out how they communicate and what their interests are is to get to them by using social networking.
  • Communicate the problem and solve their problem by offering solutions and benefits.

When working with clients this is the formula I use.  I would begin asking questions like:

  • Who am I selling to?
  • What is their pain?
  • What solutions do I have that can solve their pain?
  • What benefits do I offer that is different to anyone else in my industry?

If I put it into the context of the career coach, who is she/he selling to?

Let’s say the focus is on school leavers.   What language do they use and understand?

What is their pain?  They need a job, they want to party and have fun.  They need confidence to find a job.  They feel overwhelmed having to face a completely new world and environment outside of school.  Ask yourself, what would you say to them?  What would you offer them that can solve their pain?  Then why you and not someone else?

When people visit your website for THE very first time, they are there to fix their problem.  They are not interested in knowing how long you’ve been in business for or how great your business or service is.  They want answers to their questions.

Once you’ve done this it’s now time to re word it in a way that appeals to the how your clients may accept the information that you are giving them. So they may be visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. Language that takes this into account will immediately draw in your clients Think of fictional books you’ve read that have kept you on the edge of your seat with descriptive words, use this approach when thinking about or writing content for your website.

Would you like assistance in setting up your website so that all the pieces fit together and so that it communicate to your target audience as it should.  Contact us

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Romany Thresher

Online Presence Brand Strategist
Romany Thresher is a strategic thinker and natural connector with a talent for identifying opportunities for your business or venture. Organising, and overseeing your online digital systems and processes for your webinars and virtual events.  Website set up, email communications,  social media marketing and set up registration and feedback processes.  Ensuring that you collect the necessary information to help you obtain a better understanding of your customer’s expectations. Romany adds value to your business always being on the lookout for new opportunities to connect like-minded individuals who can add value to each other for a mutual benefit. Assisting you in online networking, lead generation, and giving you ideas and strategies to develop relationships with key stakeholders, sponsors, partners, and suppliers in your industry.  Working in the background so you don’t have to.  What do you need to implement and upgrade in your life and in your business and who do you need to align yourself with so that you and those you work with and collaborate with can make a positive impact in your collective environments and communities?  Let’s find out!

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