What’s stopping you?

Some of us can be taught all the sales and marketing techniques in the world but if you have certain beliefs that are very real to you, these beliefs can stop you dead in your tracks.


I’m marketing my business online using social media but its not working

Here you are, a business owner who wants to use the internet – specifically social media – to market your business. You’ve been hearing all these wonderful stories about how great it is to use social media and how so many are generating business from it.   So why is it not working for you? Social media is a tool …

How to convert social media into sales – Part 2

Ann Mack of Ann Mack Distributors in our Launchpad community posted this question “How do I convert social media into sales”   I asked Ann if it was ok to mention her in this post because I know so many of you feel the same way and the best way we learn is from each other.  Thank you Ann for this …

convert social media to sales

How can I convert Social Media into actual sales?

I was asked, “How can I convert social media into actual sales the other day in an online community I run for small business owners whereby I asked a set of questions for very specific reasons.

How long have you been using social media?
I ask this question when I want to understand a few things about a new client.

A few people complain because they jump on board and start using social media, they set up a fan page and maybe a Twitter account, post a few things here and there and expect results within a few weeks . As with anything in life, what you put in is what you get out, it is that simple really.

Social media is NOT an overnight quick-fix solution. Social media is a long-term investment. Think of it rather as building relationships, making new contacts and connections. Over time social media does work but you have got to lay proper foundations for it to work. Converting social media to actual sales also depends on many different factors: