6 Ways to improve your ranking and visibility to generate leads

Since the inception of social media we’ve seen a huge change in how people use the internet. On average every second 8 new people are signing up to get onto the internet. Daily more and more people are finding it easier just to connect online to save time. Giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google Plus, LinkedIn are constantly evolving – and to keep up we need to adapt to these changes.

As a Social Media Manager, and with considerable experience in the virtual world, I recommend 6 tips to improve your ranking and visibility in 2014.


Understand the basics of search engine optimisation

We hear so much about optimisation and that you need to make sure that your website ranks in the top 10 list in search results.  SEO (search engine optimisation) sounds very confusing to many but it isn’t really.  There are some very basic guidelines to follow which is not too difficult to implement if you are using a platform like …

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Why social media is not a time waster in business

This week I decided to take a slightly different route as I feel it is time to give a big shout out to a fantastic group of business people who I met online using social media or met at a networking event or are one of my clients who have come together in an online community group called The Launchpad.

This blog is to share with you the importance of planting seeds and building social currency for when you need it most and how social media as a communication tool is a benefit to your business and can be the lifeblood that keeps you and your business going when your world is falling apart around you.

This came home very strongly for me because of a seriously dark hour in my life that I recently experienced.

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Should your social media presence be managed by marketing agencies?

I’ve often said the term social media birthed when Twitter went mainstream. I remember years back when social media wasn’t even a word and yet sites like Facebook, MySpace and niched community sites and forums existed. It was as though someone woke up one day and realised they could use these platforms to market their business or even their clients’ …

Visual to develop content for sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

For many of us developing content for sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus can be rather challenging, often being stuck with what to post where. Then there are those who still haven’t quite figured out the value or benefit of using social media for their businesses and so I’ve simplified it for you here in this visual to …